Poetry and Stories

Here are two stories


Congac and the Tavern Wench

This is a long poem about Love, Lust, and Vampires. The cool kind of Vampires, not the Twilight kind.

I wrote the first few pages while bored in anatomy class, writing about the two girls sitting on either side of me. One of them, Brandy, had joking told a few people in the class that she was my wife, and for whatever reason, a few people believed her. At the same time, she told me that if we were in fact married, she wouldnít trust me being around the girl sitting on the other side of me, Jessie. The first chapter was just jokingly written about that, but as I kept writing, I made it lot more serious with a deeper plot. Itís 37 pages of verse, so be prepared. Also, since I did occasionally pay attention in class, it does talk a lot about anatomy.


The Dragons of Asshat

This wasnít intended as a poem, but rather as the lyrics for a concept album for a former band. It is a detailed story of a dragonslaying Nord. While the album was never finished or released, I thought the 13 pages lyrics I wrote for it deserved to live on. Most of this was written before the music, though one or two chapters were written to fit songs.

I donít think much of most music lyrics, so this focuses on the story and plot above all else. There are some choruses repeated and such, but overall, it reads as a story from mythology.


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